JourneyOffLife is a hobby we took up through our love and passion of nature. Short for JOL, we want to create an atmosphere for regular people seeking amazing hikes that include amazing views and photos that can be taken with regular cell phones. We do not use any fancy gear, cameras or equipment to produce our pictures. Most of our hikes are done within Arizona but we want to expand our reach to the entire southwest and in the future, the greater United States.

We don’t want this Journey to be about us as we want it to be for our hikers, our partners, and our fellow friends. Just a little about us though, we’re two best friends who share the love of hiking and hope to share that same love and hobby with other people.

We want to build a COMMUNITY for which people can gather, socialize and even possibly network. Some of our future goals are to arrange group events and hikes where people can possibly meet other companions and assist each other, when needed, in more difficult hikes/trails. Other future goals we want to accomplish are; have collaboration from all our followers/partners as well as constitute our platforms, for the people, by the people.