Another day in paradise. About couple weeks ago our crew end up hiking to Wave Cave, early on Sunday morning. Wave Cave is amazing and challenging hike (location wise) which is located behind Superstition mountain. Gorgeous view from the cave takes your breath away.

When it comes down to Wave cave location you have to really pay attention to trails surrounding. I will explain the exact direction with picture that we took on our last hike to Wave Cave.


Direction: whether you are taking AZ-51 S or AZ-101 E loop find your way to US 60 E  superstition Fwy toward globe. Take US-60 East for 50 miles. After 50 miles, look for E Peralta Rd. Take Peralta road for another 7 miles until you reach the parking spot  for Wave cave trail.


The first miles of the hike is flat and will lead you to a gate, the gate has a opening, make sure to get through the gate and keep left on the trail. It is very important to follow the trail n this hike.


By taking the left and continue on the trail, you will be able to observe the Cave.

Fee: there is no fee for this hike.



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