3Another Sunday which, it’s always end up with an adventure around Arizona. On Sunday march 12, we decide to head out to Cave Creek city. Cave Creek is located in the north of Phoenix and some of Scottsdale area. We wanted to check out Humboldt mountain, and have a small picnic by Bartlett lake/ reservoir.  STORIES

Direction: Humboldt Mountain, Arizona 85262. From 101 loop take north Cave creek road for 3 miles, from N cave creek road take east Carefree highway for another 9 miles. From Carefree high way turn left to North Tom Darlington Dr for another 2 miles. From Tam D drive turn left to East stagecoach pass and continue to the peak. Remember Stagecoach pass is half paved / dirt road.  There is small road that goes to the peak, pay attention to weather satellite receiver on top of the mountain. To get to the lake take cave creek road all way to the end.

Fee: Lake camping site cost 8 dollars per day.

The view from top of Mountain Humboldt is flawless. I definitely recommend this scenic drive/ hike to everyone.

A giant FAA “soccer ball” radar dome sits located atop the summit. This giant structure makes identifying the peak from a distance very easy. A narrow paved road goes all the way to the summit.


During spring, wild flowers grows around this area and it brings spring desert back to live again.


When the sun has set, no type of light can replace it.


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