STORIES.pngA short day at White Tank Mountain Regional Park.

Sunday hike day, That how I see Sundays these days. On Sunday Feb 5th, Friend mine and I decide to check out White Tank mountain In Waddell, AZ. Took us about 30 minutes to get there and waterfall trail was short 1.9 round trip. Since it is spring white mountain was covered with green trees, and flowers. Overall, White Tank Mountain Regional park it’s great area for people or family who do not what to drive out of city for a day hike.

Direction: White Tank mountain is located in Waddell, Arizona.  20304 W White Tank Mountain Rd, Waddell, AZ 85355 To get there fast, take 101 E or W bound and exit on Olive ave. Continue on Olive ave until it leads to white Tank Mountain Regional Park entrance.

Fee: there is a small fee per car.


White Tank Mountain Regional Park Waterfall trailhead map

Waterfall trail info and safety precautions since it’s spring time.



Waterfall trail starts from flat area and slowly  elevates. At end of the trail, there is waterfall which only has water during spring time duo to rain during winter and spring season.


The waterfall at the


Surrounding environment of Waterfall trail.

At this time the year, surrounding environments of the trail is fully covered with different type of wild flowers.

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